Wheelchair Mobility

Power Chairs in Alaska Can Improve Your Wheelchair Mobility

Gain a greater quality of life by enjoying better wheelchair mobility with the help of Access Vans of Alaska in Alaska. Our mission is to provide the mobility equipment you need to get around easily and stress free. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you.

Companies with Special Tools
Currently we are working with several companies that deal with hand controls and many other special features. Check back soon for more details on how these special tools can improve your wheelchair mobility. 
Mobility Equipment Companies:
Amerivan® by Eldorado National
—This company converts vans into wheelchair-accessible vehicles
—This company builds wheelchair lifts for buses and vans.
Harmar™ Mobility
—This company builds scooter lifts, ramps, vertical platforms, stair lifts, and much more for wheelchair mobility.
—Q'Straint primarily deals with securing wheelchairs to the vehicle. They specialize in several different types of tie-downs.
B+D Independence
—They transfer seats, as well as make chairs spin sideways and go up or down so a wheelchair-bound person can drive the van.
— This company converts vans into wheelchair-accessible vehicles
Wheelchair Getaways®
—They are a franchise that rents wheelchair-accessible vehicles.
Photo of person in a power chair in Palmer, AK
Vans for Sale
Access Vans of Alaska will soon feature a page dedicated to wheelchair-accessible vans for sale. These vans are designed to improve wheelchair mobility and include:
Mini-Vans • Mid-Size Vans • Full-Size Vans 
Learn more about how you can enjoy greater wheelchair mobility by calling us today at (907) 244-3550 in Wasilla, Alaska.
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